Industrial construction

RNDV specialises in servicing the business sector and offers tailor-made solutions to its clients, according to the specifics of the company’s activities:

  • Metal structures (LLENTAB)
  • Roller-compacted concrete
  • Wind turbines

Metal constructions

We are the official representative of LLENTAB in Lithuania. In 1972, this Swedish company produced the first galvanised steel structural systems for industrial buildings. LLENTAB is now a globally recognised manufacturer of quality metal structures, so we are confidently supplying the Lithuanian market with their products and are happy to provide you with versatile solutions and reliable quality.

Metal structures – the key to a strong and modern building

• We develop an optimal, preliminary concept for your building;
• We prepare the necessary documents for the project;
• We use the highest quality components manufactured by companies in Northern and Central Europe;
• We ensure that all installation work is carried out by trained, highly qualified personnel.

Where are metal structures used in commercial construction?

• Warehouses and logistics centres

Metal structures offer endless possibilities for the design of these facilities: from small spaces of a few hundred square metres to high-rise, huge warehouse and logistics facilities;

• Factories

We can adapt the structures to a wide range of industrial buildings and their functional technology. Also, if you think you need to expand your production facilities in the future, we’re here to help

• Point of trade

We can build anything from a simple marketplace under a roof to a state-of-the-art, representative shopping centre;

• For sports and leisure spaces

• Metal construction systems are ideal for indoor football stadiums, training grounds and other leisure buildings;

• For various hangars and other industrial buildings

We are committed to providing you, the client, with the following services in a timely and quality manner:

• Develop an optimal, preliminary concept for your building;
• Prepare the necessary documentation for the project;
• Use the highest quality components manufactured in companies in Northern and Central Europe;
• Ensure that all installation work is carried out by trained, highly qualified personnel.

Roller-compacted concrete

Properly designed, manufactured and installed, roller-compacted concrete is an effective solution and suitable for use in a wide range of industries. Roller-compacted concrete pavements allow roads to be built quickly and economically. Coatings are durable, resistant to chemicals and have low running costs. We will take care of and control the concrete installation process.

Roller-compacted concrete pavement technology – a durable solution

  • Fast installation
  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Resistance to ruts
  • Quick traffic start-up after installation
  • Cost savings

What do we do?

  • Select pavement structures according to the anticipated use loads;
  • Prepare the foundations and install the coatings.

Roller-compacted concrete pavement technology combined with soil stabilisation is suitable for use at:

• Heavy vehicle parking and manoeuvring areas

• Access roads

• Loading and unloading zones

Who wins most from this solution?

Private sector

  • Port industry
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Woodworking and wood preparation
  • Warehousing – logistics centres                      

Public sector

  • Intermodal terminals
  • Military training grounds
  • Local roads

Wind power plants

Wind energy stands out from other forms of renewable energy in terms of its progress and rapid technological development. Wind power reduces air pollution and climate change, helps ensure energy security and reduce fossil fuel imports.

What kind of construction work do we do?

• We build access roads and parking lots

• We perform electrical connection works: cable laying, construction of modular transformers

• We are installing foundations for wind turbines

We install wind turbines.

Wind energy – get help from RNDV professionals

  • We are builders – general contractors

We manage the entire preparation and contracting process from start to finish, we are: preparing a project, planning, perform specialist contractors selection, organising and managing construction processes.

• Reducing the cost of contracting work

We can optimise projects on demand: redesigning solutions and selecting alternatives that reduce the cost of contracting works.

• We are a team of professionals

Our projects are carried out exclusively by highly qualified RNDV specialists (engineers)

• We apply practices based on experience

We have all the necessary experience, with two projects currently underway, each for 1 power plant. 

• We work where our client needs us

We perform construction works throughout Lithuania

Contact us for more information on modern building solutions and options from qualified RNDV specialists. Once we find common solutions, we will start implementing the project immediately.

We look forward to your calls and questions by phone +370 612 93777, e-mail

You can find us at: Baltijos ave. 8B, Klaipeda, Lithuania.

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