About RNDV

More than a Construction Team

We are here to assist you in planning, executing, and delivering. Every project provides us with the opportunity to apply our long-term knowledge and provide the finest solution to our partners. We are creative, adaptable, and committed to achieving your vision and commercial objectives.

RNDV History

After launching our shipping operations in 2007, we immediately established a reputation as a trustworthy partner and expanded our operations into the industrial and public sectors. Our staff now number more than 1600 people.

The RNDV Group of companies is made up of profitable enterprises such as RNDV Group, RNDV Industries, RNDV Ferrum, RNDV Statyba, RNDV Logistics, and others. We are adaptable and can provide a wide range of services to clients because we have brought these enterprises under one roof.

Our Services

Our Team

Our teams are made up of competent specialists who are ready to take on projects of all sizes all over the world. Our company group has implemented and adhered to five international standards that ensure quality and workplace safety.

We contribute distinct perspectives and skills to our practice by bringing together staff from 23 nations. We are proud that our company’s activities are based on responsible work and global thinking.

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Our Mission

We build our company’s culture on the concepts of a professional sports team, with the exception that our court is a business environment.

We work hard to win, just like any other sports team.

Powered By Teamwork

Our values

About RNDV
Experience. Continuous improvement. We go above and beyond what is expected of us.
About RNDV
Responsible colleagues and business partners. What we say is what we do.
About RNDV
We openly share and participate—taking personal responsibility for the team’s outcome.
About RNDV
Not like everyone else. Open and courageous. Agile. Strong decision-making. True.