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Employee Safety and Quality

Employee Safety and Health are among our utmost priorities. We foster a work culture based on mindfulness, where employees care for themselves and each other.  
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We foster a culture where employee safety is a key element

Our people are our greatest asset. As a result, the main goal is to provide all our employees with a safe and healthy working environment. We always strive to be one step ahead, so we pay great attention to compliance with international standards, employee training, and mentoring.

Where management and all employees treat health and safety as a top priority, by choosing RNDV, you can rest assured that you are working with a reliable and responsible partner.

Safety and Quality Safety and Quality RNDV

Employee Health and Safety Service

At the company, we have an internal Occupational Health and Safety Service (HSE), which helps to maintain the highest level of safety and health of employees. HSE constantly assesses potential risks, ensures compliance with HSE policy, and looks for new ways to update and improve security measures.


Our Occupational Health and Safety Service (HSE) policy includes the following:

  • Adopting a risk-based approach that takes into account external and internal context in a responsible manner
  • Continually seeking improvements through concrete and verifiable HSE targets
  • Sustaining focus on preventing occupational injury and work-related illness
  • Learning from incidents by continually improving our work processes
  • Conducting surveys and taking measures to reduce working environment risk to a minimum
  • Enabling training and skills development in the areas of health and the working environment
  • Clear areas of responsibility and authority in relation to HSE amongst managers and employees
  • Enabling and ensuring employee participation and inclusion in HSE activities.

You can read our full HSE policy here.

We base customer trust on high-quality standards

At RNDV, the high quality of services is determined by consciousness and teamwork – we feel a partnership responsibility towards our clients and are thrilled to share our experience and recommendations. We always strive to be one step ahead, which is why we pay great attention to compliance with international standards, self-education and mentoring of employees.


Safety and Quality
In the company, we adhere to a standardized project management structure and apply the methods of global practices (LEAN construction, Last Planner, PMBOK, etc.), which help manage projects of various sizes.
Safety and Quality
For each project, we form a competent working group consisting of specialists from various departments. Together they plan, assess project risks, and look for the most efficient ways to fulfill the client’s requirements.
Safety and Quality
We conduct internal audits in the company, which allow us to notice the shortcomings of the existing processes and to assess whether the work performed meets the requirements of our internal and international standards.
Safety and Quality
We work closely with our clients, so we appreciate the live feedback we receive by communicating directly with the client’s representatives. We are constantly improving the quality of our services.
Safety and Quality
During the training, we present the specifications of each project, which we prepare based on the client’s requirements. We also test our employees and provide opportunities for continuous skill development.
Safety and Quality
A team of in-house lecturers conducts training on different topics focused on the search for efficiency, awareness, and process improvement.
Safety and Quality
When implementing and improving quality management processes, we rely on the recommendations of international standards.
Safety and Quality
We cooperate with professional organizations (Association of Lithuanian Builders, AHK Baltic, and German Chamber of Commerce).

Our certificates

International quality standards are a reference point that obliges us to constantly improve, including our operations. Adhering to standards widely used in the world, we can easily find a common language with our customers and partners both in Lithuania and abroad.

Behind each certificate lies a responsible team that closely monitors the process of improving existing systems or initiates the implementation of new ones. The company conducts annual external audits, which help to make current processes more efficient and ensure that the company’s operations continue to meet the highest quality requirements successfully.