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Building Strong Partnerships

We assist you in completing complicated construction service projects on schedule and within budget. We get involved in your projects from the beginning so that we can work together seamlessly in project planning and making important decisions on project implementation.
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Reliable Partners

We are responsible business partners who hold ourselves and others to high standards. Our experts can identify and manage project risks early on, allowing you to prevent costly mistakes. We collaborate closely with your teams as equal partners to optimize work processes. This enables us to produce more accurate time and budget projections while also selling more projects with our resources.

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Involvement at Early Stages

Responsible preparation in advance is the most effective strategy to avoid deviations from the expected budget and timeline. Before presenting a proposal, we produce a detailed estimate in collaboration with your project team, which serves as the foundation for additional talks and risk assessment.

On-Time Projects

For daily activity planning and progress monitoring, we employ modern, world-renowned project management systems such as the LEAN methodology, the Procore project management system, and the PMBOK management standard. These technologies aid in ensuring that projects are completed on schedule.

Budget Adherence

To ensure that the project stays within budget, we invest in efficient communication, employee efficiency, and high quality. We have an RNDV Training Center where we prepare and teach our workers to meet the needs of our customers. Only 1% of construction companies can claim to have stayed within the predicted project according to the data for 2022. As one of these organizations, we have built a reputation as a trustworthy partner – what we say, we do.

Advanced Project Management Systems

LEAN Methodology

To improve design and construction processes, we employ the LEAN methodology. With this strategy, we hope to manage the building process more efficiently, provide a better client experience, and complete the project on time and within budget.

We use the Last Planner system when the team is near to implementing the plan, which allows us to plan in greater depth with the design and construction management teams. The purpose of the Last Planner is to complete more of the weekly Planner’s tasks and guarantee that each week’s work adds value to the final output.

Partnership opportunities
Procore Project Management System

We give dependable project management services to our clients and aim for the finest quality results. We use Procore, the only construction software platform that enables owners, general contractors, and subcontractors to work successfully on a single platform.


Partnership opportunities
PMBOK Management Standard

The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) is a guide published by the Project Management Institute (PMI) that outlines the project management standard and its implementation. It is one of the most extensively used standards in this industry in Lithuania and throughout the world.

Partnership opportunities

Quality Management System

The RNDV group of companies has adopted an integrated quality management, environmental protection, and worker safety and health management system.
We ensure continual improvement by educating and involving all corporate personnel in improvement efforts. At the same time, we improve the quality of operational procedures and services, guaranteeing that the client’s needs are addressed.

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