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RNDV Support Foundation

RNDV companies employs about 350 citizens of Ukraine. Their families need all kinds of help during the war in Ukraine. RNDV is ready to provide assistance to the families of the employees of RNDV who are fleeing the war, including transportation from the Ukrainian-Polish border, temporary accommodation, maintenance, employment-related assistance, assistance to arriving persons in integrating into life in Klaipeda, and the like.

The Public Enterprise RNDV Support Foundation was established in order to bring together those who want to contribute to the support. Not only the customers of RNDV, but also the employees of our companies make their donations to the foundation, and the whole RNDV companies actively contributes to its activities.

“As soon as we heard about the situation in Ukraine, we’ve reacted instantly to provide all the necessary support for our employees and their families. The people of RNDV companies volunteered together and established a RNDV Support Foundation to provide help and support for those in need. Our strength lies in our unity,” – says the CEO of RNDV Support Foundation, Simonas Kalnelis.