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Construction of Wind Power Plants

RNDV provides General Contracting services for wind power construction projects. Our experienced team will oversee the project’s smooth implementation, from initial analysis to construction work organization to project completion and operation.
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Wind Power Construction Services

Wind turbines are one type of renewable energy source that can be used to generate green and environmentally friendly electricity. These power plants, which can reach heights of up to 200 meters on land and up to 250 meters at sea, convert the kinetic energy of the wind into electrical energy. Wind farms, which are rapidly gaining popularity, help to slow climate change and reduce energy reliance on fossil fuels.

Our team will manage your project from beginning to end. We plan and execute the selection of specialized contractors, and organize and manage the contracting processes.

We carry out the following Wind Power Construction work:

  • Build Access Roads and Parking Lots
  • Perform Electrical Connection work – laying cables, construction of modular transformers
  • Install Foundations for Wind Farms
  • Install Wind Turbines.
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Construction of Wind Power Plants

Installed Power of 9 MW

We have completed two wind power projects totaling 9 MWh in capacity.

Construction of Wind Power Plants

Long-Term Experience

RNDV has over 16 years of experience in the Industrial and Civil Construction industries.

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Experienced Team

Our teams are composed of competent professionals who arrive at the facility with the necessary qualifications and are prepared to effectively implement the project.

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