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Electrical Installation in Industrial Buildings

RNDV offers a wide range of industrial electrical installation services. We work on projects with unique designs that require specialized knowledge and flexibility, ranging from data centers to food and pharmaceutical factories.
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Electrical Installation Service in Industrial Buildings

With many years of experience, our team is prepared to take on complex projects and assist customers with various levels of electrical installation.  Many electrical installation projects have been completed throughout Europe, including industrial buildings for various types of production processes, data centers, battery factories, food industry plants, power plants, and so on.

We perform the following Electrical Installation in Industrial Buildings:

  • Project Management, from planning to turnkey, depending on the client’s need
  • Planning and Delivery of Materials to the Facility
  • Installation of Cable Tracks and Trays of various types and purposes
  • Laying of low current, low and high voltage Cables
  • Connection of Control and Switching Cabinets of various types and purposes
  • Connection of various Technological and Electrotechnical Equipment
  • Inspection of Electrical Equipment
  • Completion of Technological Documentation according to the client’s requirements.
Elektros instaliacijos industriniuose pastatuose paslaugos Elektros instaliacijos industriniuose pastatuose paslaugos RNDV

Electrical Installation for Industrial Buildings

Elektros instaliacija duomenų centrams

Data Centers

Elektros instaliacija duomenų centrams

Electric Power Plants

Elektros instaliacija Naftos perdirbimo gamykloms

Oil Refineries

Elektros instaliacija Medicinos gamybos fabrikams

Medical Production Factories

Elektros instaliacija Integruotiems gamybos fabrikams

Integrated Manufacturing Factories

Elektros instaliacija Logistikos centrams

Logistics Centers

Logistikos centrai

Solar power plants

RNDV – Trusted Partner

We provide high-quality services according to the scheduled timeline. In project management, we use the most advanced LEAN methodology systems and modern construction management software. To ensure high quality, we use cutting-edge welding technologies and cutting-edge equipment that we constantly maintain and calibrate.

We adhere to the highest international standards to ensure the quality of our work in the company (ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018 standards have been implemented). With our occupational safety and health (OSH) service, we pay special attention to workplace safety.

Electrical Installation in Industrial Buildings

Certified Specialists

Our employees have all of the necessary certificates and training to install electrical equipment and switchboards.

Electrical Installation in Industrial Buildings

Work throughout Europe

Our team has completed projects in countries such as the Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, and France.

Pasirūpiname visa statybų eiga

Experienced Team

Our teams consist of competent professionals who come to the facility with the necessary qualifications and are ready to implement projects effectively.

Project Management Stages of Electrical Installations in Industrial Buildings

We must begin with efficient labor from the beginning. For this, we must anticipate and prepare for all conceivable scenarios in the first days.

Weekly plans and daily work packages with clearly defined daily tasks are in place for all projects. Deadlines are monitored using RNDV’s project management tool, where the planned schedule is uploaded, the team updates the quantity of work accomplished at the agreed-upon intervals, and it is easy to track whether we are progressing at the desired speed.

As a result, even before each day’s work begins, we must consider all potential barriers and solve them so that the workers do not incur any losses throughout the installation process. During preparation, drawings, materials, tools, information, instructions, and so forth are created.

As a result, having this information allows you to react quickly if efficiency is lower than intended and to solve the obstacles that caused it.

We carry on with project management processes, assess necessary changes, and schedule additional work.

All of this will be utilized in future initiatives and ensure the company’s continued improvement.


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