Energy Efficiency (ETPT/ESCO)

Our team provides professional services aimed at increasing the energy efficiency of buildings. You can cut your heating costs in half by investing in energy-saving measures.
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Energy Efficiency (ETPT/ESCO) Services

The primary goal of energy efficiency (ETPT/ESCO) services is to reduce energy consumption while increasing the building’s overall sustainability, efficiency, and longevity. Our specialists typically begin by performing a thorough assessment of the building’s condition in order to identify areas that could be improved. Following the analysis, we provide solutions and energy-saving measures to help you save money in the future. To ensure consistent energy savings, our partner-assisted services can also include financing options as well as ongoing monitoring and maintenance.
We perform the following Energy Efficiency (ETPT/ESCO) work:

  • Selection of Energy Efficiency Improvement Measures
  • Preparation of the Energy Efficiency Improvement Project
  • Installation of Planned Efficiency-Enhancing Measures – Construction work
  • Monitoring and Supervision


Advantages of Energy Efficiency (ETPT/ESCO)

Lower Electricity Costs

Implementing the appropriate ETPT/ESCO model can reduce electricity costs by up to 60%.

Fixed Price 

We manage the project for 2 to 15 years, depending on the contract terms, with the contracted rate paid for the duration of the period.

Professional Care

Because we have extensive experience in this area, we provide professional system monitoring and ongoing maintenance to help ensure consistent energy savings.

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