Project Manager Mantas: the course is set – the way I achieve it is up to me - RNDV

My journey at RNDV Group started in January 2020. I began as a Project Coordinator and had the opportunity to get a deeper insight into the project components, grasp the feel of the project management processes & the work involved and get to know the people who work not only in the office but also in these projects.

Facing the challenges of the pandemic together

Who said it would always be easy? When I joined the company, the Covid-19 pandemic began. It brought many questions and risks that we had to manage. How will we continue? How will we maintain our staff? Will our projects be suspended? However, this period was not only about the pandemic; it was a test for the whole company. In such cases, you realise the power of teamwork, so we pulled together and got through it.

And although it may seem like I joined the team at the wrong time, I never felt thrown into a project management whirlwind and left alone. Instead, I was surrounded each time by supportive colleagues who advised me on how to perform tasks or solve problems better and more efficiently.

The freedom to work toward a goal

I grew out of my Project Coordinator’s role relatively quickly and was invited by the Production Manager to become an Electromechanical Project Manager. This position brought even more opportunities & flexibility. While the course is set, the way of its implementation largely depends on me. It’s truly fascinating to completely own the project: from the essentials of choosing the people & setting the budget to managing the project to its completion. I’m currently working on projects all over Scandinavia and France.

What could new RNDV colleagues expect?

One of my professional priorities at work is to have opportunities and space to develop. Coming here, that’s exactly what I’ve found. At RNDV, you can gain knowledge and experience from highly competent colleagues and receive in-house training while also travelling, visiting different projects and meeting interesting people.

I wish myself and my new colleagues the confidence to pursue our goals and not be afraid of difficulties because they toughen and strengthen us.

Electromechanical Project Manager Mantas Freitakas