Project Manager Vytautas: courageous solutions and electromechanics - RNDV

I always wanted to apply my skills and thrive in a well-organized Lithuanian capital company featuring smooth business processes and superb communication. RNDV Group has matched all the requirements, and here I am – a happy Project Manager in the electromechanics field.

Since beginning my journey in the company, I’ve successfully implemented numerous electromechanics projects in different European countries. Whenever I visit the project site, I listen to each colleague, discuss the potential challenges, and find ways to efficiently solve them or simply take time to enjoy the ongoing project. I firmly believe that the overall team’s results depend on the ability to define each specialist’s competencies and perform only those tasks that best match your skill portfolio without taking on other people’s work. I can’t stand routine and am a constant learner, allowing me to grow in both my professional and personal spheres. So today, I’m eager to take full responsibility for my work and strive to solve any arising problems immediately.

We’ve recently finished a project in Spain where we had an incredibly coordinated 85-person team working on high-level processes and tasks with the utmost precision, quality, safety requirements, and strict time frames. Closely observing my colleagues’ work, I always try to help us grow as individuals and as a collective.

I am delighted to work at RNDV Group, as I can plan, create and manage large-scale projects, communicate with a wide array of personalities and do my part in communicational improvements – this is where I find joy. Also, my position covers a lovely composition of freedom and responsibility, and I am a genuine fan of this balance.

If you wish to start your journey with RNDV Group, I encourage you to have the determination to reach for it!