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The job of a scaffolder requires good physical condition and discipline in essential safety and spatial thinking. Our RNDV team performs scaffolding installation projects with the highest professionalism and safety.
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Join RNDV Scaffolding Installation Team

At RNDV, our team is composed of over 300 skilled professionals dedicated to sharing their knowledge and expertise with new colleagues. By joining our team, you will have the opportunity to expand your professional skills and broaden your cultural horizons through visits to various European countries.

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Engage in Diverse Projects

We implement the most complex scaffolding installation projects throughout Europe. After joining the team, you will visit many oil, chemical industry facilities, energy and raw materials processing companies, and civil projects.

Explore Exciting Destinations

Our operations extend across Europe, as we undertake projects in a range of diverse countries. Some of the captivating destinations we work in include Germany, Holland, and Belgium.

Ensuring a Worry-Free Experience

At our company, we prioritize the well-being of our employees. From the moment you join our team and sign your employment contract, we take care of all your travel arrangements, provide suitable accommodation, and ensure comfortable lodging conditions. We are dedicated to providing excellent support and promptly addressing any concerns you may have.

Progress Together at RNDV

At RNDV, we believe in nurturing your growth and supporting your career advancement. We offer a wide range of opportunities for our employees to enhance their skills and climb the corporate ladder. Regardless of your initial role when you joined RNDV, once you become a valued member of our community, you can actively pursue your professional aspirations with us.

Beginner Scaffolder
Duration: 10 W/D
Qualification no. 3 provided Nr. 3
Advanced Scaffolder
Qualification no. 2 provided Nr. 2
Expert-Team Leader
Qualification no. 1 provided Nr. 1
Site manager
Nr. 3

1500+ colleagues & teammates!

We are a team that spans the globe, with more than 1500 members, all united by our shared values.


We care about our employees

Satisfied employees are the foundation of a successful team. That’s why we provide a comprehensive benefits package for every member of the RNDV community, from outstanding working conditions to flexible career opportunities.

Perks and Benefits

Certified work attire and tools
Professional training
Unlimited prospects for career growth and advancement
Comfortable accommodation for business trips
Prompt and comprehensive response to queries or concerns
Internal training, skill development within projects

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