UAB RNDV Statyba increased its revenue by 64% last year - RNDV

UAB RNDV Statyba increased its revenue by 64% to 18.9 million Euros in 2023. Company director Rolandas Kasperavičius notes that this year’s growth will be more moderate at about 15-20%, with revenue expected to reach 23 million Euros. “We operate in a sector with the highest quality standards, and our reputation depends on it. We must grow sustainably and focus on quality,” said Kasperavičius. RNDV operates throughout Lithuania, working with private and public clients.

Major Construction Projects

The largest projects include SBA Urban in Svencelė, Wind City in the Klaipėda district, the Kopų slėnis apartment complex in Palanga, the Aviatic MRO hangar in Šiauliai, and work at the intermodal terminal in Kaunas. RNDV Statyba installed a rolled concrete yard in Klaipėda for PET manufacturer NEO Group and built a wind farm in Anykščiai.

The company employs around 70 specialists, allowing it to pursue complex projects. Vilnius branch manager Andrius Velutis notes that the capital remains one of the most active construction zones in Lithuania. High-quality real estate is being developed in Vilnius, and RNDV Statyba maintains fixed costs until each project is completed. This distinguishes a reliable contractor, according to Velutis.

Importance of Added Value in Premium Segments

Velutis also notes that added value is especially important in the premium segment. This means not only fulfilling a client’s requirements but also considering the outcome and the building’s operation and ensuring these aspects are as convenient as possible for the client. “When a real estate developer approaches us about a project, the contractor can act in two ways. On the one hand, they can simply prepare the project and present its cost. We, on the other hand, delve deeper into the circumstances and can offer the client various solutions that are not only economical to implement but also convenient for the building’s future operation,” emphasizes the company’s representative.

Among the largest projects underway by UAB RNDV Statyba in Vilnius is the construction of a residential apartment complex in Naujamiestis, which has recently become a highly attractive location for new housing projects.

100% of UAB RNDV Statyba shares belong to RNDV Holding.

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