Construction of Solar Power Plants

Solar power plant installation is a serious job that necessitates specialized understanding. As a result, we provide high-quality contracting services by focusing heavily on team training. Our professional installers are involved in the installation of numerous types of solar power plants and keep up with market advancements, so entrusting your project to us ensures its timely and high-quality completion.

Solar Power Plant Construction Services

As the importance of renewable energy develops around the world, our team stays up with the market’s needs and advancements in the solar power industry. We are prepared to be your dependable contractors and to construct power plants throughout Europe. We build power plants on rooftops, on the ground, water, and agro-electric plants, and our experienced specialists will adapt to your needs and accomplish any solar power plant project.

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Construction of Rooftop Solar Power Plants

We install rooftop power plants of various types and sizes. We install projects on both pitched and flat roofs.

  • Structural Installation
  • Mounting structures, solar modules, cable trays, etc.
  • Installation of electrical up to 1500V
  • Connection of direct and alternating current cables, photovoltaic cabinet installation, other switching devices, and electrical parts
  • Commissioning
  • DC part tests.
Construction of Ground Solar Power Plants

We install various types of power plants on the ground, including standard ground power plants and solar trackers.

  • Structural Installation
  • Piling, concreting, installation of structures and solar modules, installation of cable ducts, etc.
  • Installation of electrical up to 1500V
  • Connection of direct and alternating current cables, installation of photovoltaic cabinets, connection of voltage converters (inverters), installation of other switching devices and electrical parts
  • Special construction
  • General construction includes outdoor fencing, access road installation, earthworks, video surveillance, security system installation, etc.
  • Commissioning
  • DC part tests, cable tests, insulation resistance measurements, voltage converters (inverters) configuration, preparation of other necessary documents for start-up, packaging of remaining materials, and cleaning of the construction site after work.
Other Solar Power Plants Construction

We also install other types of solar power plants, including floating solar power plants, parking lot power plants, and more. Contact our specialists and get an individual work plan.

Solar Power Plant Engineering Services

To ensure the long-term effectiveness of the solar power plant, the very first stage of the project – the engineering design of the solar power plant – must be carried out carefully. The qualified RNDV team can offer you smooth and high-quality project preparation and all relevant engineering services, from site study and project profitability calculation through the design of the power plant itself.

We provide the following solar power engineering services:

  • Preliminary assessment
  • Construction site selection and analysis
  • Solar power plant design and material selection
  • Licensing and regulatory compliance
  • Compilation of drawings for construction progress
  • Drawings of the built object.


Solar Power Equipment Purchase Services

Our staff is always monitoring the renewable energy market trends and only provides our customers with high-quality, energy-efficient equipment. We can offer all of the necessary materials for your power plant at the best market price given that we have a separate purchasing department within our group of companies and keep close ties with diverse suppliers.

Our procurement department is critical to ensuring that the purchase process runs smoothly and efficiently. Our team works with a dependable network of suppliers; by carefully selecting goods and purchasing them in bulk, we can offer low costs for high quality.

We are reliable and experienced contractors assisting in the utilization of the sun to create electricity throughout Europe.

We complete the work with excellent workmanship and within the time frame specified. To achieve great quality, we use cutting-edge technologies and cutting-edge equipment that we regularly maintain and calibrate. We are adaptable and respond swiftly to changing circumstances, anticipate project issues in advance, and provide many solutions. To ensure the seamless execution of the works, we use an innovative construction management system (Procore). We record daily issues, work efficiency, and progress in this program, as well as organize and allocate work among different teams and capture video footage.

We adhere to the highest international standards to assure the quality of our work in the organization (ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018 standards have been implemented). We place a high value on workplace safety, which is managed by a separate occupational safety and health (OSH) service.

45 Solar Power Plants

We have built 45 solar power plants with a total capacity of 18 MW. We are not bound by geography, we work all around Europe.

Professional Project Management

From start to finish, we adopt a responsible approach to project implementation. We carry out extensive preparations, identify project hazards, and set goals before ever arriving at the facility. Furthermore, throughout the project, we regularly assess the situation and schedule regular meetings with consumers.

Extensive International Experience

We have many years of experience in several EU nations; we understand the requirements of the country for both the company and the employee. As a result, we make certain that all relevant paperwork and certificates are submitted on time so that we do not endanger the consumer.

Project Management Stages of Electrical Installations in Civil Buildings

We must begin with efficient labor from the beginning. For this, we must anticipate and prepare for all conceivable scenarios in the first days.

Weekly plans and daily work packages with clearly defined daily tasks are in place for all projects. Deadlines are monitored using RNDV’s project management tool, where the planned schedule is uploaded, the team updates the quantity of work accomplished at the agreed-upon intervals, and it is easy to track whether we are progressing at the desired speed.

As a result, even before each day’s work begins, we must consider all potential barriers and solve them so that the workers do not incur any losses throughout the installation process. During preparation, drawings, materials, tools, information, instructions, and so forth are created.

As a result, having this information allows you to react quickly if efficiency is lower than intended and to solve the obstacles that caused it.

We carry on with project management processes, assess necessary changes, and schedule additional work.

All of this will be utilized in future initiatives and ensure the company’s continued improvement.


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