Dmitrij Kiričenko: I showed up and created a new company - RNDV

“Upon joining RNDV Group, I got an important role in developing a new shipbuilding subdivision, specifying in the hull assembly. Then, I couldn’t have imagined the growth pace of this branch and that it will so quickly become an independent unit and a new player in the market.”

The hull world was not new for Dmitrij Kiričenko, RNDV Ferrum CEO. Upon joining the RNDV team, he already had 12 years of experience in this field. In his career, he initially started as a welding engineer, and soon after, he became a production supervisor and project manager. As far as he remembers himself, his interest in ships began in his childhood when Dmitrij observed his grandfather working in a ship repair shop.

Even though Dmitrij’s calendar is quite busy nowadays, he found some time to sit down with a cup of coffee and have an open conversation about his exciting journey of bringing a new company to life.

Let’s start from the beginning. How did the shipbuilding branch come to life? 

When I joined the RNDV Group team approximately three years ago, the company was already well-known in the ship construction market as a reliable subcontractor for top-quality electrical installation & piping works. So, it’s only natural for the company to look for expansion opportunities. That’s when the idea to create a shipbuilding branch emerged.

With me joining the company, the big planning stage has begun. First, we needed to do many calculations and market analyses until we felt ready and were assured of our decision to start operating.

How could you describe the team formation process? What was the main success factor in this area?

It took four months from the decision to start this branch to employing the first person. Currently, our team consists of approximately 200 top-class specialists. I believe this is an extraordinary achievement for one year period. However, when planning growth and evaluating success, it’s essential to consider the overall quality of the processes in addition to numbers.

A well-structured team is a central pillar in this activity – even the competitive advantage. Thus, we involved all employees in its formation. Many new colleagues joined us because of recommendations from existing employees.

Another success factor that allowed us to build a professional team is the inner RNDV culture. This company takes an interest not only in the employees’ direct functions but equally, cares for their personalities, free time activities and further career potential within the company.

How did the critical transformation from the branch to an independently operating RNDV Ferrum company occur? Please share how you view the company’s future perspectives.

RNDV Group is a highly ambitious company concurrently developing numerous areas of activity, which are often interconnected. Shipbuilding was a unique, specific, and fast-growing sector; thus, it was decided to separate our branch as it would allow us to implement new ideas and move forward easier. I am happy to be trusted to become the new company’s managing director and a flagman of this sector in the RNDV company group.

Currently, we are developing four main areas: ship hull assembly, ship repair works, piping, and offshore construction assembly. We operate in France, Germany, and Denmark and have further expansion plans into other countries. We prepare for upcoming projects with the utmost precision for the growth to be smooth; thus, the team is expanding each day.

The first independent RNDV Ferrum projects will start this year. Also, we must finish a few projects started by RNDV Group. According to the plan, most people will be employed in the new company until the end of this year.

What would you wish for your RNDV Ferrum team?

I wish my team to stay ambitious in seeking their goals and never stop striving for more!

I am always impressed observing their work and am happy to call us a real power team, able to help each other in difficult moments. We even chose the company name together. Team members offered their ideas, and by voting, we decided to select the RNDV Ferrum title, perfectly matching our niche – works with metal.