Operation and Maintenance of Solar Power Plants

The proper management and maintenance of solar power plants is one of the most essential variables influencing the longevity and profitability of your power plant. Entrust these issues to our team and enjoy the stable generation of your power plant for many years after its installation.

Solar Power Plant Operation and Maintenance Services

It is critical to invest in quality operation and maintenance services if you want your solar power plant to run smoothly and profitably for many years. By regularly monitoring the performance of the solar power plant and the generation of electricity, any potential system disturbances or breakdowns can be identified and addressed in a timely manner, avoiding larger losses in the future.

Our team offers full-service solar power plant management and maintenance. We work hard to produce the best outcomes and ensure production performance, from frequent inspections and repairs to maintenance implementation. Leave all of your worries to us; we are dedicated to responding immediately to questions and addressing any issues that arise.


We provide the following solar power plant operation and maintenance services:

  • Scheduled technical service
  • Unscheduled technical service
  • Other operation and maintenance services.
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We are reliable and experienced contractors assisting in the utilization of the sun to create electricity throughout Europe.

We complete the work with excellent workmanship and within the time frame specified. To achieve great quality, we use cutting-edge technologies and cutting-edge equipment that we regularly maintain and calibrate. We are adaptable and respond swiftly to changing circumstances, anticipate project issues in advance, and provide many solutions. To ensure the seamless execution of the works, we use an innovative construction management system (Procore). We record daily issues, work efficiency, and progress in this program, as well as organize and allocate work among different teams and capture video footage.

We adhere to the highest international standards to assure the quality of our work in the organization (ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018 standards have been implemented). We place a high value on workplace safety, which is managed by a separate occupational safety and health (OSH) service.

45 Solar Power Plants

We have built 45 solar power plants with a total capacity of 18 MW. We are not bound by geography, we work all around Europe.

Professional Project Management

From start to finish, we adopt a responsible approach to project implementation. We carry out extensive preparations, identify project hazards, and set goals before ever arriving at the facility. Furthermore, throughout the project, we regularly assess the situation and schedule regular meetings with consumers.

Extensive International Experience

We have many years of experience in several EU nations; we understand the requirements of the country for both the company and the employee. As a result, we make certain that all relevant paperwork and certificates are submitted on time so that we do not endanger the consumer.

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